Flute Mail has shut down.

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It is with great sadness that I officially announce the closing of operations of Flute Systems, Inc. and FluteMail.com. Most of you who have been intimately connected with the company have already known this for months, so I apologize for the inexcusable delay in announcing this properly. I am thankful to all of you who have helped, funded, encouraged, and supported me in innumerable ways, especially my family, and my initial co-founder.

What surprised me most on this journey was the kindness of the people I interacted with. People are remarkably forgiving of mistakes and willing to listen. This, it turns out, is not necessarily to one’s advantage in business. Customers, investors, suppliers, partners, and friends were all so kind to me that I mistakenly interpreted this as genuine business interest in my idea – whether they understood it or not. They trusted me. But I was deceiving myself unwittingly into thinking that I understood something that I did not.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve built an interesting product that generated a lot of curiosity, controversy, and confusion in the $10 billion email market. It was an honour to have the likes of senior executives at Adobe, SendGrid, and WildBit (Postmark) comment on our tiny startup. In the end it was shut down because it was a bad idea. The email ecosystem is very old, very powerful, and – like any established business – resistant to change. All for very good reasons, because email “just works” for billions of folks.

For those wondering what’s next for me, thank you for asking. Startups are in my DNA, and it seems I will likely continue working on startups for a long time. Probably never again as the primary founder, but perhaps as an employee, partner, or co-founder. I’m excited to be starting a new job in the San Francisco Bay Area this month, working at a startup of course. And only God knows what’s next.

January 2020 update: I’m now working on building a fintech product, a personal finance Airtable sync tool at Fintable.io.

Isa Hassen
Founder & CEO
Flute Systems, Inc.