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What is Smart Failover?

A Smart Failover happens when we detect an email API error or delivery failure with your primary provider. We attempt to automatically fix that by sending through the failover providers. For example, if an email failed through SendGrid, we can retry through SparkPost. You can configure your failover settings in your Flute Environment. We guarantee this can help your deliverability and reliability.

How does the Flute Guarantee work?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of one of our paid plans, and contact us to help you ensure you've integrated Flute optimally. If you don't see at least a 1% improvement in your overall engagement rates (opens/clicks/delivery) within 2 months after integrating Flute, we'll refund your last monthly invoice, no questions asked. (Combined with the trial period, that means you essentially paid nothing for those 2 months.) If you signed up for an annual plan, we will refund the entire amount prorated to the end of the previous month.

Do you offer a free trial? Is a credit card required?

Yes. Contact us for a free trial sign up link. And yes, we require a credit card for verification purposes: to prevent email spammers from using our service.

What if I go over the monthly email volume quota/limit?

We will send you email warnings before you reach your quota, so you can upgrade your account before you hit the limit. If you actually go over the limit, we will continue to allow an overage of about 20,000 emails before requests start to fail.

Do I still need an account with SendGrid/Mailgun/etc?

Yes, we are not an email provider, we are only a routing/failover service. You still need to have an account with one of our supported primary providers, and are bound by their terms. However, we also offer professional API management services if you would rather not manage multiple email vendors. Contact us for details.